My photo interest started back in the late 70’s, taking pictures of my hot dogs on the stove with 127 film and disposable flashcubes – and I’m still shooting film, when I can.


These days I use the best of both worlds, digital for concerts and film for portraits.

Since film as come a long way, and virtually no digital camera can touch a badass film camera, I prefer using film, when I can control and meter the light. Film has no noise, but grains, and I choose grains any day over noise. One of the finer qualities of film is that I can get a 3D feeling (not talking about bokeh) thats impossible with digital, witch is very flattering and gives a timeless feeling when shooting portraits – Iconic photos are shoot with film, not an iPhone!


Concerts are a whole other ballpark, I’ve shoot some concerts with film, both 35mm and 120 film, but I found this to work best for outdoor gigs, so now I’m mostly digital and only RAW. During a concert I’m always waiting for the moment when the artist or a band member do some quirks or perks, just to bring a bit of the show back to the photo.


Gear and stuff

Expensive cameras doesn’t make me a better photographer, but they give me the freedom to be at my creative best, and not so much bound with gear limitations.

I use Sony for concerts and Mamiya for portrait and personal work.